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< josé drummond (1965) is a portuguese contemporary artist.

he studied painting, drawing, model drawing and scenography in lisbon and attended the atelier livre of

professor pedro morais. he studied arts management later. media, style or theme does not define his

works and it is the characteristic of his processes that is central to it. some of the strategies he adopts in

his work stresses meaning over aesthetics. Nevertheless is the condition of relating art with illusion the

imposed limit. the duality between visibility and invisibility, fantasy and reality, experimentation and reference,

juxtaposed with a specific investigation of the materials, their limits and parameters, working within and against

subjectively, are intrisic to his own philosophy. he concentrates on the way a practice or action can

develop into a work of art. in his latest series of works, lights, shadows, reflections, mirrors, turnings,

spinning circles and disequilibrium are often used as an operational method in a search for sensations of

numbness, vertigo, deception and seduction and how they can become sources of pleasure.

he received grants from centro nacional de cultura and twice from fundação oriente. since the late 80's,

he has created a body of work that includes photography, video, painting, drawing, installation and objects.

drummond currently lives in macau.


his works are elaborated between the realm of memory and the realm of experience, with the

use of a visual vocabulary that addresses singular aspects of identity and multi-personality.

the thoughts, dreams, hopes and disanchetement of the 'persona', where the alter ego manifest

itself, are presented as self-explanatory questions, pointing to the idea that one can't easily conceive an own

interpretation without being hindered by reality. the possible seems true but seems to exist with many

deceptions and fictions in his works where there's an absolute proposition that lies of how ambiguous

identity and reality are. this thematically interrelated material of memory and respective projection is

aesthetically resilient. each work has it's own firm uniqueness with a particular informal language with

the plastic decisions being done via retakes and variations and the use of specific combinations and certain

manipulations creating different meanings and contexts directly responding to the surrounding environment.

one illusory universe slowly emerges from this dreamlike images in which the possibility of the annulment of

a fixed identity becames one focal point of this esperiences. the game is established by the relationship created

between visibility and invisibility. the foundation of the game is the separation of what is unseen. the unplanned

reception of its rules, bring us back to experience a sensation of absence.