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the narcissist concerns about the idea that too much choice bring us unhapiness, of not having things, of

not being content with the results of what we choose. expectations and not perfect experiences cause us to

abstain of making decisions rather than making a complicated one. Some times we learn what we want by

experiencing what we don't want, however many times we don't realize what we don't want until it arrives.

And often arrives with many qualities and attributes.



description: dark room 600x400x300 cm. 3 video projections centered on the front wall. each frame size 200 cm.

material: 3 dvd players. 3 video projectors. dvd syncronizer. external sound speakers.


2009. human emotion project. (velan center for contemporary arts. torino. italy). (valby kulturhus. copenhagen. denmark).

(formverk gallery. stockholm. sweden). (malhoa museum. caldas da rainha. portugal). (club brancaleone. rome. italy).

( la sala. cigunuela. spain). (guildford lane gallery. melbourne. australia).

2007. place-act ii. macao museum of art. macau. china.