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the pretender is the paradoxical juxtaposition of a 'romantic' struggling, with the representation of the

modern life as a frenetic battle to achive happiness. using the internet affair and the mirrored image of the

self on dating sites as a starting point, the pretender deals with propositions of hope where humans act to

reveal a desired 'other self' in exchange of 'true love'.

in these sites people use all kind of 'castle in the air' expressions to present themselves. the search for

compatibility with other members follows the creation of the profile where relevant personal data is made public.

most of the times photos are added. images with names and location are grouped in results based on the chosen

preferences. frequently letters with more photos are exchanged between the candidates after the arbitrary search

. the description of personal expectations can be aplied to everyone and the result is completely identical.

the chimera points to the terrifying presence of loneliness. it remains the question if it is really worth it to try so

hard to make this fabrication a reality.

the complexity and perversity of the fable is a complete lalessness. the masquerade results of these

personifications pretend to be a mirror of the soul but the twist is that one can imagine or say anything in

a randomly 'butterfly effect.' Seems right but can go wrong and it's totally bendable.

the slow-paced imaged of the pretender are abstracted glances of the letters, received on the author's e-mail,

originated in one of these sites. the camera work is an obsessive parabola in affinity with the mindless

competition of the characters. with the process of fiction, the result is an enhanced version of the contenders

where the contexts of reduction and re-cycling are applied.

the pretender transforms a human dilemma into aesthetic information. but all of this can change in a heartbeat...


video. 43'34''

description: dark room 600x400x300 cm. 3 video projections centered on the front wall. each frame size 200 cm.

material: 3 dvd players. 3 video projectors. dvd syncronizer. external sound speakers.


2010. the butterfly effect. curated by feng boyi. hexianing museum. shenzhen. china.

2010. fairy tales. curated by james chu. afa - art for all. macau. china